Karon Beach - Phuket

Karon Beach is 5 kms of fine squeaky white sand, clear water and activities for the entire family. Stroll uninterrupted along the beach, pamper yourself in one of the many world-class spas, swim, snorkel, windsurf or jet-ski. Shopping is diverse here too, with local markets alongside larger shopping complexes. If you fancy something more relaxing test your skills at Thai cooking, cocktail making or take in a yoga class.

The southern end of the beach is where you will find most of the activity. In high season the water is calm and crystal clear, perfect for windsurfing and sea kayaking. There are great snorkelling and diving spots here too.

Volleyball is popular at sunset. You’ll find most of the volleyball nets roughly midway along the beach.

The beach broadens the further north you go. Here it is quieter, there are less activities and the water turns bright turquoise. The area in front of the lake is usually deserted.

In low season swells and riptides come and go with the shifting sands. It is best to pay attention to the warning flags. Karon beach is not a popular place for surfing.

View of Karon Beach taken from Kata viewpoint

Karon Centre is the small town midway along the beach. Enjoy exploring the maze of side streets hiding all kinds of delights. There is a great selection of restaurants, shopping and nightlife including the Karon Temple market which takes place every fortnight. Not far from here is Karon Beach Road where most of the large resorts are found. Karon Bazaar is a popular spot selling arts, crafts and food.

Karon Park, toward the northern end of the beach, features a beautiful man-made lake and quiet surroundings. Karon Viewpoint (located close to Kata beach), boasts breathtaking views over Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches.

Hotels range from mid priced to luxurious and are family friendly.


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