Treetop walk - Thung Khai Botanical Gardens - Trang

Easily reached by tuk tuk, Thung Kai Botanical Gardens (also known as Trang Peninsular Botanical Gardens) has a network of thrilling suspension footbridges that cut through the thick jungle.

Encompassing several kilometres, you can spend hours exploring the lush jungle and collection of rare plants. Nature enthusiasts will love the Botanist library and well marked flora. Most people, though, come to explore the thrilling ‘canopy walk’ that pierces the jungle.

There are five suspension bridges, each higher than the other, joined together by lookouts. The first bridge is around 10 meters from the ground, ascending to 18 meters at bridge 5. Nature abounds as you walk higher and higher, a large number of bats, birds and squirrels call this area home.


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