Le Khao Kob Cave - Trang

Le Khao Kob Cave is an impressive labyrinth of natural limestone caverns featuring hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites.

An amazing natural wonder, the caves are formed by water flowing down Banthat Mountain and out to sea. Rowboats are provided for the 10 minute paddle down a jungle stream to the mouth of the cave. Small and concealed, you lie back to enter. Once inside, the cave opens into a large cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites. Many have names after the form they take (chicken, bird etc). Humid and damp, the smooth rock looks golden under the dim lighting. The guided tour takes you through caverns with very low ceilings due to the huge stalactite/stalagmites. The ceiling is so low on the section that leads out of the cave you must lay horizontally on your boat.

With obvious links to Trang’s Chinese past, legend has it that stalactites are the backbone of a dragon. Travelling under the dragon’s belly and out through the mouth of the cave is said to bring good luck.

You can take a tour or self drive to get there, around 30km north of Trang centre. Food and souvenirs are available at the car park.


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