Wat Tham Seua – Tiger Cave Temple - Krabi

Tucked away in ancient forest, Wat Tham Seua is a natural wonder. The temple consists of dozens of natural caves at the foot of a sheer limestone cliff. Established in the 1970's, a monk named the Temple after a tiger entered the cave where he was meditating. Legend says the tiger left the cave without harming the monk. It is also said there are tiger’s footprints found in the walls of the cave.

The temple is still a sacred meditation centre today, attracting Buddhists from all over Thailand. Monks live and worship in the caves hidden in the thick jungle. It is also a place of archaeological importance. Ancient tools and pottery, including moulded Buddha footprints, were found in the surrounding caves.

You can’t miss the impressive tigers that adorn the entrance to the Tiger Temple itself. Look out for the tiger prints on the walls and the ground. Still used for worship today, the cave is adorned with sacred Buddhist artefacts.

There is also large pagoda holding a popular statue of Kuan Yin. The Goddess of Compassion, this is one of the tallest standing Kuan Yin statues in all Thailand. The vegetarian festival is held here each September/October. From this area you can also explore the cages along the Khiriwong Valley nature trail.

View from the top of the hill

The main attraction is at the top the temple. ‘Buddha’s footprint’ lies 1,237 steps up the sheer limestone rock. The historic monument, coupled with breath-taking 360 degree views make the trip worthwhile. The view at sunset and sunrise is spectacular.

This is a sacred place for Thai people. Men and women should cover their shoulders and knees. The monks are very welcoming and do not mind tourists taking part in Buddhist rituals. It is customary to leave a donation. The Temple is 5km from Krabi Town.


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