Phra Nang Cave - Krabi

Myths and mystery surround this fascinating and sacred place. Fishermen leave offerings to Phra Nang in the hope of safe sea travel and a bountiful catch. Some leave wooden sculpted phallus in the hope of increasing fertility.

There are many legends about Phra Nang dating back centuries. In one, she is an Indian princess killed at sea. In another, she was the wife of a fisherman lost at sea who lived out her life in the cave, awaiting his return.

Today, local fisherman and boatmen leave offerings to ensure safe sea travel. Over the centuries, Phra Nang cave has also become associated with fertility. People seeking to conceive adorn the cave with offerings of carved phallus. A sign of the Hindu god Shiva, in Thailand Hindu beliefs are often incorporated into Buddhism.

View from the cave overlooking the bay

Some locals believe that if a handmade wooden phallus is released anywhere along the Krabi coast at high tide it will eventually end up in the cave.

Phra Nang Cave is a sacred place for Thai people. Please treat the site with respect. Wear modest clothing and do not touch the offerings.


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