Loh Dalum Beach - Koh Phi Phi

Loh Dalum Bay is beautiful. Almost completely enclosed, the water is shallow and calm. Loh Dalum Bay is also Phi’s Phi’s undisputed nighttime capital. When the sun goes down the beach comes alive with fire shows, live music and dancing until the early hours.

Around 1km long, Loh Dalum has a quiet, laid-back daytime feel. The water is shallow, good for splashing about and kayaking. There is good snorkelling near the entrance of the bay. You can also kayak to Monkey Bay, a small sandy beach with great snorkelling and cheeky monkeys. Visitors do tend spend their days lazing quietly in the sun having partied most of the night. Kick back in a deck chair, grab a rejuvenating massage or stroll along the sand until night falls and the fun begins all over again.

You can find all types of international and local cuisine on the beach. For authentic cheap local eats try the food stalls at the western end.

Beach bar at Loh Dalum Beach – Koh Phi Phi

There is a good selection of mid range hotels with aircon rooms, swimming pools, bars and, of course, night time entertainment.

Koh Phi Phi

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