Farang Beach - Charlie Beach - Koh Mook

Farang Beach is still the most popular spot on the island. The water is deep, the beach wide and sandy and the dramatic landscape good for hiking.

Farang Beach isn’t as long as Ao Kham, but it is wider and the emerald coloured water is deep. Sheltered by massive limestone boulders, the calm water is great for snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. Farang beach is known for spectacular sunsets and a laid back atmosphere.

A short kayak or a low tide scramble over rocks will get you to Mermaid Beach. Locals believe that the spirit of a mermaid inhabits this beach, watching over local fishermen. An effigy of the spirit resides on the beach, please be respectful.

Other than kayaking, swimming and lazing about, there isn’t much to do at Farang Beach. You can, however, hire a longtail boat right off the beach and explore the parts of the island that are inaccessible by land.

Accommodation and restaurants line the length of the beach. At night there are a couple of lively bars to choose from.

Koh Mook

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