Ao Kham - Koh Mook

Most visitors arrive to the pier on Ao Kham. Divided into east and west parts by a long sandbar (known as ‘the wing’, the westerns side often referred to as Au Wua Nawn. The relaxed, local vibe and good quality accommodation is drawing visitors from neighbouring Farang Beach.

Ao Kham is long, sandy and fringed by palm trees. The eastern side of the beach has stunning views over the mainland and Hat Chao Mai National Park. Both sides have clear, shallow water, good for splashing about.

Accommodation and restaurants hug the coast. Head to the village for cheaper options and local food.

Continue west and you’ll come across Ao Kuan, also known as Jungle Beach. Secluded and dotted with mango and palm trees, a hiking jungle hiking trail starts here.

Koh Mook

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