Hat Pak Meng - Trang

Overlooking stunning karst limestone offshore, Pak Meng Beach draws a local crowd. Stroll the long stretch of sand, or take a ferry to the tropical island of Koh Ngai.

The spectacular scenery is Pak Meng’s biggest draw-card. Karst limestone juts dramatically from the ocean, some large enough to be considered islands in their own right. Many bars and restaurants line the long sandy beach, particularly at the northern end. Beer is cold and the atmosphere relaxed. Casurina trees provide welcome midday shade. Pak Meng Road runs parallel to the beach, with shops ranging from convenience stores to basic Thai food.

You can hire a long tail and snorkel the amazing limestone cliffs, home to abundant marine life and a coral reef. You can also catch a ferry to neighbouring island paradise of Koh Ngai.

Popular with Thais, most restaurants serve Thai food and some basic western dishes. Accommodation is basic, with beach side hotels in the north and cheaper accommodation along Pak Meng Road.


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