Laem Son-On Beach - Songkhla

Fine white sand, natural shade and no development, Laem Son-on attracts families and tourists looking for a quiet picnic or stroll along the beach.

An extension of Samila Beach, Laem Son-on beach is shaded by hundreds of pine trees. Popular with locals, the beach is usually quiet. A statue of Prince Chumphon Khet Udomsak, 28th son of King Rama V and founder of the Royal Thai Navy lies at one end of the beach along with an impressive ‘nag’ serpent sculpture. Built in 2006, the sculpture is divided into 3 parts. The head is situated on the northern headland facing the port. The navel near the road up to Tang Kuan Hill and the tail is further south. The head and tail are around 3 km apart.

Catch beautiful sunsets over Koh Nu (Rat Island) and Songhkla Lake, particularly the northern tip of the beach.

Food stalls are set up under the shade of the pine trees, offering snacks and local dishes. Hotels ranging from low budget to boutique chic are in town, there is no accommodation on the beach.


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