Scuba diving - Koh Phi Phi

The rock formations that comprise Phi Phi islands are bursting with caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs. 25 meter vertical walls of solid limestone plummet into the see, hosting a huge amount of marine life. Float over huge stag horn and star coral reefs among colourful reef fish, sharks, octopus and more. There are several Dive schools on Phi Phi Don offering trips and courses from beginners to PADI qualifications.

Koh Bida Nok

Considered by many to be the best site in Phi Phi, Bida Nok is a solid rock cliff that plunges dramatically into the sea. Thriving with multi coloured soft corals and sponges, the reef is healthy full of Moray Eels, Bird Wrasse and Scorpion fish to name a few. Larger fish such as Leopard Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks are frequently sighted.

Koh Bida Nai

Bida Nai a beautiful dive site brimming with thousands of tiny glassfish. Dive fields of huge staghorn coral with schools of trevally and other tropical fish. Black tip and Leopard sharks have been sighted here. The shallow areas are home to cuttlefish, squid and clownfish.

Loh Sama Bay

Loh Sama Bay is a dive site off the South-east coast of Phi Phi Leh. There is a small island with thousands of fish and colourful coral including Gorgonian fans.

Loh Sama Bay is great for both diving and snorkelling

Hin Dot

Hin Dot, also called Chimney Rock, has 3 superb submerged pinnacles to explore. The pinnacles drop around 28 metres to the ocean’s sandy floor. The ‘chimneys’ are covered with beautiful hard and soft coral. Experienced divers can explore the depths where Coral Sharks tend to hide. Keep a look out for huge Grouper, Lobster, Trevally and Leopard Sharks.

Palong Wall

Northwest of Phi Phi Leh, Palong Wall is an 18m wall dive, home to harmless Black Tip reef sharks. Dive-throughs and small caverns make this an exciting dive for all levels. Octopus and angel fish live among the soft coral on the wall, hiding from larger prey.

Koh Phi Phi

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