Lanta Old Town - Koh Lanta

Settled some 500 years ago by Chao Lea (also known as Sea Gypsies), in the 17th Century, Lanta Old town was once a stopover for trade ships. Rich in history and Thai culture, today the Old Town offers a rare insight into Koh Lanta of the past.

The Old Town 17th century harbour and lighthouse can still be seen today. Explore Chinese Temples and shop-houses, Thai Buddhist temples and traditional wooden Thai houses raised on stilts. Old Town remained the centre of Koh Lanta until around 50 years ago when tourists began to arrive into Ban Saladan.

Still a working fishing village, Old Town retains a way of life that has disappeared from many parts of Thailand. There are shops, a post office and police station as well as unique souvenirs.

During the first full moon in March, Lanta Old Town holds a festival of culture called the Laanta Lanta Festival. A celebration of the cultural diversity of the island, locals come together to display and share their art and customs. Traditional performance, live music, street food and a warm-hearted atmosphere make this an event not to be missed.

There are plenty of restaurants here. Enjoy fresh fish at one of the sea-side restaurants with stunning views over Lanta’s many islands.

Koh Lanta

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