Songkhla National Museum - Songkhla

Constructed around 1878, this fine example of Chinese architecture was originally home for the ruling na Songkhla family. Later the building became residence of Songkhla’s upper administrative officers and then City Hall. In 1953 it was converted as a museum to exhibit rare southern artefacts. Today, the museum offers an extensive insight into local archaeology, history and culture.

Bright white walls and a red glazed tile roof surround the typical Chinese-style courtyard. Inside, the museum walls are adorned with portraits of early settlers, cannons and religious deities. Information boards detail Songhkla’s long history, from the first Indian settlers in the 12th century to Muslim Malays and their dealings with traders from France, Portugal, Holland and Britain.

There are also exhibitions on rubber and rice farming techniques and a collection of local art and ancient artefacts. The museum is open from 9:00 to 16:00 daily.


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