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Send us traffic trough your website, blog or social media, and make money for every transport booking

Signing up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. All you need to get paid is a Paypal account.

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Make money from your website or followers

With our referral and a filiate program

Send us visitors

You send us visitors to any page on our website, this can be our search page, but also a time table for a specific route or an article in our inspiration or destinations section.

Website, blog or social media

You can link to us from your website or blog, or share a link to us on social media. We have several helpful tools available.

Earn money for every transport booking

We track all your visitors for 10 days (?), you will earn commission for every successful transport booking that is made within these 10 days.

Earn commission and get paid

For every transport booking you refer to us

120 THB per transport booking

Earn 120 THB / Or a % of the booking or commission (?) for every transport booking that you send our way

Monthly payout

We will payout all your earnings every month if your balance reaches 2000 THB

Automated payments trough Paypal

All you need to get paid is a Paypal account. You can open one here, it's free.

Easy to use tools

For your website, blog or social media

Text links

For your blog, e-mails, website or anywhere else you want to quickly share our website.


Image banners that are easy to implement in your website or blog

Social media

Earn money from recommending us on social media

Third party tracking

For optimal transparency

We use Tapfiliate to manage and track our referral program

By allowing a third party to track everything we can guarantee you a correct and transparent approach


Track your earnings in real time with the Tapfiliate Dashboard

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