Phra Ae - Long Beach - Koh Lanta

Long Beach derives its name from being exactly that. Wide, sandy, and stretching over 4.5kms, this is Lanta’s longest beach. You can spend days exploring the coastline, lazing in the shade, playing sport, wining, dining, and of course, swimming.

Popular but never crowded, the sheer size of this beach makes for great exploring. Discover secret bays hidden from view by giant boulders, unwind in a bar, sample local delicacies or enjoy a beach-side massage. The relaxed atmosphere carries into the evening. Play football and volleyball as the sun goes down and the bars light up.

Dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars line Long Beach, with the majority located in middle and the north. Most bars and restaurants close at around 10pm, though a few places cater to night owls. Restaurants, convenience stores, clothing shops and tour operators gather on Prae Ae Road, which runs parallel to the beach.

Hotels are well spaced along the coast, ensuring privacy and a feeling of remoteness. Look in the central part of the beach for cheap and mid range accommodation. Secluded, luxurious resorts are found at the southern end.

Koh Lanta

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